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Different Styles & Sizes of Elegant Wedding Veils

The perfect wedding dress just is not complete without the perfect wedding headpiece. Bridal headpieces are also known as wedding veils. If you have already begun looking for the perfect veil, you know that you can choose from veils with a number of options. Wedding veils are available in a number of styles and sizes. The perfect veil for you depends on the style of your wedding dress and the formality of your wedding. More than anything, the perfect wedding veil depends upon your personal style and taste.

In ancient times the veil was said to protect the bride from evil spirits. Other legends promote the idea that the veil is a symbol of purity, chastity, and modesty. In arranged weddings, the bride’s identity was often a secret until the wedding day. The veil kept her identify unknown even to the groom. Today, a bride wears a wedding veil to signify joy and to enhance her appearance. It is the crowning touch to her wedding day attire. When selecting your veil, the most important consideration is to pick the veil that makes you feel and look special.

Most wedding veils come in either white or ivory and should be of the same color as the wedding dress. There are two basic styles with each style having several options. Most veils are either traditional wedding veils or mantillas.

Mantilla veils are incredibly beautiful and will compliment almost any wedding dress. This veil provides a graceful look and is becoming very popular among brides of all ages. These wedding veils often come in four basic styles:

  • Classic gather top
  • Gather top
  • Circular or oval
  • Oval gather center top

These mantilla veils are available in a variety of lengths. Brides can choose from elbow veils, fingertip lengths, or floor length veils. Mantilla veils often have lace or embroidered edges.

Traditional wedding veils offer even more options. Typical lengths vary from the 18” shoulder length veil to the 108” cathedral length veil. Combination veils combine several lengths. Veils are available in one, two, or three layers. In a traditional veil, all layers are the same length. In combination veils, layers may vary in length. The blush-style veil is increasing in popularity. It is designed to cover just the face of the bride.

Some brides prefer a simple, unadorned veil. Other brides prefer wedding veils that are embellished with lace, flowers, or stones. We have made it easy for brides to find the perfect veil for their wedding. We have a wide selection of veils in an assortment of styles and lengths. Browse through our online catalog for the perfect veil at a price that will not break your wedding budget. Brides do not have to spend a fortune to look like a million dollars on their wedding day.

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