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Amazing Ideas for Wedding Cake Toppers

Your wedding cake is an important part of your special day. Wedding cakes are traditionally multi-layered and decorated with white icing. Decorations or flowers are often added to accent the cake’s beauty. The primary and secondary colors of the wedding are often carried over into the reception and incorporated into the wedding cake.

It is, of course, important the cake be lovely to look at and delicious to taste. Perhaps the most important feature of the cake, however, is not the cake itself but what goes on top of it. Cake toppers are an integral part of the wedding’s theme. Traditional toppers are often figurines with the most common being a miniature bride and groom, but many couples prefer to replace the traditional wedding cake topper with one that is special to them. Wedding cake toppers can be romantic, sentimental, funny, monogrammed, themed, or totally unique to the couple.

The wedding cake is natural continuation of the overall color and theme of the wedding. A fairy tale wedding might include a Cinderella figurine or a small glass slipper perched atop the wedding cake. A romantic theme might incorporate hearts or butterflies on the wedding cake topper.

Non-traditional cake toppers might address a common hobby or past-time. Wedding cake toppers can be found for golfers, anglers, and other sports enthusiasts. Race fans can even find a NASCAR themed cake topper. Couples fond of the west or the rodeo are delighted to learn that cake toppers are made with them in mind. Toppers can be found for country weddings or for weddings that celebrate a specific holiday or season.

Some couples choose to plan and decorate their wedding around a particular city. Perhaps they fell in love there or maybe they chose the city that will be their honeymoon destination. There are a number of options for wedding cake toppers relating to Paris, Venice, and other popularly romanticized cities.

A classic look incorporates the couple’s monogram onto the cake topper. This theme is easily carried over into the napkins and other decorations. Most weddings have a theme that is significant to the happy couple.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wedding cake toppers. It should represent the taste and style of the bride and groom and should carry on the theme of the wedding. Other than that, the options are endless. The couples’ choice of wedding cake toppers is usually limited only by their imagination. If figurines are not appealing to the couple they can use toppers made of ribbons and bows, wedding bells, crystal, and edible or non-edible flowers. Many couples treasure their cake toppers and it often makes another appearance when their children wed or when they celebrate a milestone anniversary. When it does, it is sure to bring back many happy memories of their wedding day.

It is easy to find a wide assortment of wedding cake toppers perfect for any wedding. Weddings can either be traditional or non-traditional, formal or non-formal. Wedding cake toppers are available in styles and materials to compliment any theme. Couples should spend some time looking at cake toppers and find one that suits them and their wedding.

This is one area of the wedding that will not severely damage the budget. A variety of toppers are available at very reasonable prices. Most cake toppers can be purchased for less than $50 and some can be purchased for much less.