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Selecting Appropriate Wedding Accessories

On her wedding day, a bride’s biggest desire is for her wedding to be more beautiful than any wedding has ever been. A bride will likely shop for weeks, if not months, to find that perfect wedding dress. Once the ideal dress is selected, a bride quickly realizes that accessories are needed, both for the wedding party and the wedding itself. By this point, many brides are exhausted. Choosing the perfect accessories is important and can be daunting, but with just a few things in mind, the bride can be wedding day ready in no time.

When selecting wedding accessories, there are some important things to consider. First of all, consider the wedding attire. The bride and the bridesmaids will need accessories to complement their dresses. The bride must determine if the look is to be elegant or flashy. If elegance is the goal, the bride might consider simple jewelry such as a string of pearls. If the bride wants to look like a princess, more flashy jewelry may be appropriate. The bride also must choose a veil. The veil should complement her dress, her hairstyle, and her personality. Some veils cover the face during the procession and are pulled back by the groom as part of the ceremony. Other veils are not designed to cover the bride’s face. On many occasions, the bride chooses to wear a nice hair clip or crown in lieu of a veil. In addition to the bride’s decision on veils, brides will also need to make choices regarding gloves, hair accessories for the bridesmaids, and flower arrangements.

Once the wedding party has been accessorized, it’s time to consider the wedding accessories that will be needed to decorate the venue itself. If the wedding is located in a large cathedral, in order to keep the venue from overpowering the bride brighter wedding accessories would be appropriate. Large flower arrangements and lots of toile can help to fill empty space in the cathedral. Some brides choose to use oversized ferns. Some couples rent temporary columns, archways, or gazebos to highlight the location of the couple. Strings of lights or garland are often wrapped around these to accentuate the décor. Large candelabras are also tasteful in oversized venues. On the other hand, if the wedding is on the beach, less flashy accessories would work best. This wedding might include more tropical style decorations.

Moving on to the reception, the planning should include wedding accessories that complement the colors and/or theme used in the wedding itself. Reception accessories may include napkins, plates, punch bowls, cups, utensils, tablecloths, and place holders. Besides the selection of the design itself, the biggest thing to keep in mind is quantity. Table linens will be needed for guest tables, serving tables, and cake tables. Additionally, many brides choose to cover the table with a larger tablecloth and then place a smaller one over it as an accent. In addition to tablecloths, brides should plan for an abundance of napkins, cups, plates, and utensils. Many receptions involve several courses and guests may dispose of these items between courses.

A beautiful bride deserves a beautiful wedding day. The right wedding accessories can make that dream wedding picture perfect.