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Variety of Wedding Centerpiece Ideas to Consider

When it comes to planning a dream wedding, the reception is among the first of many things that comes to the bride-to-be’s mind. Like the wedding itself, the reception makes a lasting impression on the guests. The reception may be classy and formal or lively and fun. Upon entering the reception hall, guests should have an idea of the mood. Is the reception going to be a wild party or is it a more subdued, formal atmosphere? The tone for the reception will be set by the appearance of the reception hall. The decorations the bride chooses will communicate to her guests the intended genre of the reception. The selection of centerpieces on the table will inform guests whether the mood is formal or informal. Centerpieces can be a very playful part of the dining experience or can consist of a simple, but elegant arrangement of flowers and candles. Wedding centerpiece ideas may range from quirky, fun ideas to ornate, elaborate ideas. Some brides choose their centerpieces to coordinate with the theme of their wedding and others elect to use simple, yet elegant ideas.

The more playful and fun wedding centerpiece ideas often include unique items, such as gold fish in small glass bowls, confetti, or personalized items intended to be taken home as gifts from the bride and groom. This type of centerpiece will definitely catch guests’ eyes. Another common idea is to incorporate sentimental items related to the bride and groom. Examples include framed pictures of the couple, small dishes or gift bags of their favorite candy, and other types of wedding memorabilia that the couple choose to send guests away with as a souvenir of their special day.

Elaborate wedding centerpiece ideas are also very common. This category includes intricately designed arrangements. Many brides will purchase many small items and then have them incorporated into the final version of the centerpiece. Elaborate centerpieces may consist of crystals, marbles, sand, colored florist gel, flowers, ribbon, bows, and other ornate decorations.

If the wedding has a theme, this allows for vast options in wedding centerpiece ideas. Items may be used to further give guests the sense of the theme. For example, if a wedding is set at the beach, or has a beach theme, shiny seashells, colored sands, and miniature starfish would work perfectly when included in a centerpiece arrangement. Another example is for a wedding with a vineyard venue. Fresh grapes, the greenest grape leaves, and wine glasses would be an ideal centerpiece for the vineyard wedding.

Formal weddings should obviously include elegant wedding centerpieces. Wedding centerpiece ideas for this category may include simple calla lilies. With a formal setting, less is often more. A single candle or an individual vase may work very well. Brides may choose subdued colors, such as black and white to further imply the formality of the reception.

Wedding centerpiece ideas are as unique as each bride herself. Selecting a type of flower or design for your centerpiece may be a challenge, but it can be one of the most enjoyable parts of planning the wedding. Centerpieces should bring a piece of the dream wedding to each table, reminding those who sit at each table of the couple’s love.