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Creating Beautiful Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding decoration ideas are so important when planning a wedding. Most weddings are centered on a theme. That theme may be based on a special city, a shared hobby, religious customs, family traditions, or values. Once the couple selects their theme, the decorating becomes so much easier.

Weddings can take place just about anywhere. While churches have always been the most popular venue, couples are saying their vows in gardens, mansions, scenic locations, and on boats. Every venue creates unique opportunities for elegant or unique wedding decoration ideas.

Although June is the typical month for weddings, December weddings offer the chance for beautiful decorations. For winter weddings, attendants can wear red, green, or even an elegant black. Mistletoe can be decorated with red bows and hung strategically throughout the venue. Christmas trees can be a nice touch, especially when decorated with white lights or lights in the wedding’s primary colors. Rather than have guests sign a guest book, let them sign a tree skirt. Centerpieces made of Christmas candles add a nice touch to the reception tables.

An autumn wedding provides the occasion to add some wonderful color to a wedding. Create the look of falling leaves by tying varying lengths of thin strings to the stems of artificial fall flowers. Hang these delicate strings from the ceiling at various heights but above head height. Fairy lights can be hung above the leaves for an enchanting lighting design.

Some of the wedding decoration ideas for summer weddings are associated with the beach. Incorporate seashells, sand, and buried treasure into your decorating theme.

For a whimsical wedding, use butterflies to decorate on your special day. Butterfly decorations can be included on napkins, on streamers, on the wedding cake, and on jewelry worn by the wedding party. It is easy to find companies that raise butterflies from caterpillars to be released at the wedding. The monarch butterflies are shipped to arrive just in time for the wedding. Make sure your photographer is aware of the release. This will provide some really awesome pictures.

One of the most romantic stories in the world is the story of Cinderella. A Cinderella wedding could use the typical icons of the glass slipper, coach, castle, and of course, Cinderella and Prince Charming. Add full length mirrors to the venue to reflect an expanse of candlelight. Consider the possibility of renting a fountain if your venue does not have one. In most cities, carriages and white horses can be rented to take the bride to and from the wedding.

For a more relaxed and informal wedding, consider a country wedding. Many small towns have quaint chapels or churches that would be the perfect setting for a country wedding. Decorate the interior with wild flowers or tall grasses. In the windows, place candles in colorful mason jars. An outdoor reception is perfect for a country wedding. Add bales of hay for additional seating. Baskets of baked breads and jars of jams and jellies could serve as edible centerpieces for a country wedding.

Let the only limit to your wedding decoration ideas be your own imagination. Your wedding day should be special to the couple. Your decorations can express your styles, interests, and tastes. It can also be an expression of your love for life and each other.