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Proper Coordination & Planning for Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces decorate reception tables. They can be floral, candles, edible items, pictures of the happy couple, or anything that has a special significance to the bride and groom. Typically, they carry on the overall theme of the wedding.

In some modern weddings, the wedding centerpieces are actually favors to be taken home by guests. A bottle of champagne with a personalized label or a recording of the wedding music are often centerpieces. Framed pictures of the bride and groom or framed wedding invitations often serve as unique centerpieces. A flowing fabric like tulle is often a part of a non-floral centerpiece. This is a great way to incorporate the colors of the wedding.

For most wedding receptions, the largest centerpiece will go on the head table where the bride, groom, and wedding party are seated. It is important that wedding centerpieces be low enough to allow for conversation to take place over them. Centerpieces that inhibit conversation among guests seated at the same table should be avoided.

The wedding centerpiece that occupies the main table should be the most impressive. Most of the other tables will include a smaller or similar version of the main centerpiece. Whenever possible, the centerpieces should be a continuation of the wedding’s theme and colors.

When selecting wedding centerpieces, the first thing to consider is the number that will be required. Having too many centerpieces is a waste of money and having too few can be embarrassing. While most wedding receptions include a centerpiece on every table, the choice is up to the bride and groom.

There is no rule that states that all the centerpieces must be the same. Some couples opt for two centerpieces, alternating them at every other table. The decision should be made as to whether to have a centerpiece at the cake table and guest book table. When centerpieces are placed on these tables, it should be made certain that the centerpieces do not overshadow the guest book and wedding cake.

Centerpieces can be an expensive part of a reception. Some couples opt to save money by making some or all of the centerpieces themselves. There are a number of books and online articles to assist with this. Unless at least one person is handy with crafts, creating hand-made centerpieces might be stressful. Even brides who love crafts often opt to purchase ready-made centerpieces. With so much to do in preparation of the big day, this is one job that might best be left to someone else. If the wedding budget is an issue, the couple can find a number of inexpensive centerpiece ideas online, in craft stores, and in books.

It is important to decide early on the color and theme of the centerpieces. Most couples want to incorporate the primary and secondary colors of the wedding into the centerpieces. If those colors are not used, they should select colors that will coordinate with the wedding’s colors. It is important that the colors and theme of the reception blend with the colors and theme of the wedding.

The wedding centerpieces should be a beautiful accent to an already beautiful day. Whether the wedding is elegant or casual, the centerpieces will be an important part of the wedding reception.